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My name is Maribelle. I am of noble birth, and if you forget that for even one second I shall filet you with my parasol!

[[Indie RP/Ask blog for Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening.]]

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Fire Emblem (Awakening) Voice Meme


If I get 10 ‘voice’s, I will record myself saying the following:

  • Your username(s)
  • Where you are from
  • Name/age/nickname
  • How were you first introduced to the series?
  • Ships? OTPs? NOTPs?
  • Talk about some of your favorite Fire Emblem headcanons.
  • Say these names: Your Avatar’s Name, Chrom, Vaike, Cherche, Phila, Yarne, Panne, Inigo, Plegia, Ylisse, Wyvern, Cordelia, Lucina, Noire, Priam, Regna Ferox. Yen’fay, Owain, Say’ri, gODS [chrom voice]
  • What’s your favorite class/class tree? Why?
  • Who’s your favorite & least favorite character and why?
  • Now what about your least favorite character? Why?
  • Favorite support conversation?
  • Favorite critical hit line?
  • Favorite confession/character’s voice?
  • Say anything else that you’d like to

Maribelle puts on a party hat and straightens, her regal bearing somewhat diminished by the colorful paper cone between her ribbons.

"Thank you, darling!"


happy birthday to my beautiful wife mARIBELLE 


you went to Ylisse Law?

what, like it’s hard?

lawyer au where Maribelle is the best of the best and she compromises her fashion for no one. u don’t want a pink lawyer?? WELL TOO BAD. legally blonde quotes everywhere!! 

she’s manages a one-woman law firm where Stahl is her secretary and always brings her ( semi-bad ) tea and all of her case files. Donnel is an intern.